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Coop Pronto – perfect integration

The project

Coop Mineraloel AG operates a chain of around 300 Coop Pronto self-service stores throughout Switzerland. Customers who buy alcohol or tobacco products in these stores have to prove their age by scanning in an identity document at a self-checkout terminal.

The Solution

The reading device in German producer PrehKeyTec’s ML 2 stand-alone scanner reads the OCR data in identity documents swiped across it from either end of the scanner’s document guide slot. The ML 2 scanners are integrated vertically in the cash-register terminals in a neat flush mounting. Patrik Schenkel, CEO of Primelco System Device AG had the following to say about this well-executed solution: “The ML 2 is ideal for the fast and dependable acquisition of machine-readable data, and integrating these scanners in the BiCA Retail Solution terminals turned out to be quite straightforward.

Contact Details

Coop Mineraloel AG (www.coop-mineraloel.ch) is a market leader in the Swiss petrol-station and convenience-store sector. It successfully operates a chain of around 300 Coop Pronto Shops in Switzerland – some with, and some without, petrol forecourts.

BiCA Retail Solution is a part of the Lantzerath Group (www.lantzerath-group.com). It provides sales- and management-process software for retail-oriented businesses such as, specifically, petrol stations and system-catering specialists.

Primelco System Device (http://systemdevice.primelco.ch) is a hardware-oriented trading company active in the Point of Sale (POS) market sector and in the field of mobile data acquisition. Primelco is PrehKeyTec’s distribution partner in Switzerland.

PrehKeyTec GmbH develops and produces high-quality customized keyboards and input systems. These products reduce the complexities of inputting data at points of sale, and thus deliver significant time savings for customers. All over the world, PrehKeyTec’s products are used by trading companies, and by companies in the industrial, banking, insurance and reservations sectors. PrehKeyTec GmbH is certified as complying with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards, and over the years has acquired enormous development and production expertise. It has a manufacturing plant in Mellrichstadt, so when the company says its products are “Made in Germany”, it’s no idle boast.