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Jacom – a made-to-measure system

The project

Wuppertal-based IT accessories company Jacom-EDV-Zubehör supplies kiosks and shops selling magazines, tobacco and lottery tickets with complete cash-register systems. One important function of such systems is the inputting of data. Jacom had been on the lookout for a compact, freely programmable keyboard for this purpose. They wanted a keyboard that would not only be easy to configure, but also support a variety of operating systems.

The Solution

German producer PrehKeyTec’s MCI 84 keyboard matched Jacom’s requirements exactly. In addition, these keyboards come with a high environmental protection rating, a valuable plus in the retail context they were to be used in.

Uwe Jablonowski, Managing Director of Jacom commented that obtaining the keyboard from PrehKeyTec’s distribution partner EWL Display and Printing Solutions had been perfectly straightforward, and that the delivery lead times had been short.



"The MCI 84 is a very sturdy and reliable keyboard; we haven’t had any problems with it and certainly no complaints.“


Uwe Jablonowski, Managing Director of Jacom


Contact Details

Jacom-EDV-Zubehör (www.jacom-edv.de) has been the dependable IT partner of chain stores, retailers, wholesalers and industrial companies since 1992. In the retail sector, it has established itself as a supplier of PC-based point-of-sale scanners to world shops, back shops, cafés and retailers of tobacco products and magazines. It also supplies CCTV equipment, IT accessories, hardware, software, telecoms, office and industrial equipment, and provides related back-up services. Jacom prides itself on its dependability in the processing of inquiries and orders, and on the quality of its personalized customer support. This is delivered either through its remote-maintenance systems, or directly on site.

As a distributor active in the field of cash-register systems, EWL Display and Printing Solutions GmbH (www.ewl-dps.de) supplies customers in the retail, hospitality and industrial sectors not only with the products of leading hardware manufacturers, but also with highly competent technical support.

PrehKeyTec GmbH develops and produces high-quality customized keyboards and input systems. These products reduce the complexities of inputting data at points of sale, and thus deliver considerable time savings for customers. All over the world, PrehKeyTec’s products are used by trading companies, and by companies in the industrial, banking, insurance and reservations sectors. PrehKeyTec GmbH is certified as complying with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 quality standards, and over the years has acquired enormous development and production expertise. It has a manufacturing plant in Mellrichstadt, so when the company says its products are “Made in Germany”, it’s no idle boast.